Kelly Crabtree, Director & Kindergaten Teacher

Education: 1 year Early Childhood Education,  Lane Community College

B.S. in Elementary Education, Western Oregon University

Additional E.C.E. courses including administration.


Experience: Preschool Teacher, Allison Park Christian Preschool; 2 years

Preschool Teacher, Teaching Research Integrated Preschool 5 years

Director, St. John; 28 years

Preschool Teacher, St. John; 25 years

Kindergarten Teacher, St John; 3 years

Dawn Farnsworth Assistant Director & Preschool Teacher

Education: B.A. in Elementary Education, Western Oregon University

Over 375 hours of course work in Early Childhood Education

Experience: Preschool Teacher, Teaching Research Integrated Preschool; 5 years

Assistant Director/Preschool Teacher, St. John; 25 years

Miss Kelly,  Director & Kindergarten Teacher

Education: 1 year Early Childhood Education, Lane Community

B.A.; Elementary Education, Western Oregon University

Additional course work in E.C.E. and Administration.

Experience:  Preschool Teacher, Allison Park Preschool; 2 years

Teacher, Teaching Research Integrated Preschool; 5 years

Director & Preschool Teacher, St. John; 25 years

Director & Kindergarten Teacher, St. John; 8 years

Why I Teach at St. John: Teaching is definitely my passion!  I absolutely love getting to know the kids and figuring out how they learn best.  There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a child's face light up as they realize they can read, or add, or write or skip! I have been here for a very long time, so obviously I like it very much! I believe that God has placed me here for a purpose.  There have been challenges along the way, but He is always faithful and provides exactly what we need.  The members of this congregation are very supportive, and value our school ministry so much. We are blessed with exceptional, gifted teachers who are hard working, dedicated and fun to work with! We have the privilege of working with amazing kids and their families.  They become part of our St. John family, and hold a special place in my heart! It makes my day when a past student stops by or recognizes me in the community.  Recently a young man of 25, called out to me in a parking lot.  It had been 20 years since I had seen him, but I recognized that sparkle in his eyes. He actually thanked me and said that his years at St. John were the best of his life! This is my reward, and the reason that teaching is my passion!

Miss Dawn, Assistant Director & Preschool Teacher

Education:  B.A.; Elementary Education, Western Oregon University

Additional course work in E.C.E. and Administration.

Experience: Preschool Teacher, Teaching Research Integrated Preschool; 5 years

Assistant Director & Preschool Teacher, St. John; 31 years

Why I Teach at St. John:  I teach because I feel that God has called me to encourage, motivate and inspire young children to be self confident and try new things.  At St. John, children are met where they are, but then we gently challenge them to take that next step.  I love how we all work together to help each child grow in all areas of development. I have the privilege of being their first teacher!  It is so important that their first school experience be a positive and joyful one.  I strive to set the stage for their love of school for years to come.

Miss Beth, PreK Teacher & Childcare Head Teacher

Education: Course work in Education, Central University, CT.

A.A.; Early Childhood Education, Southwestern Community College



Preschool Teacher, The Children's Learning Center, CT; 4 years

Classroom Assistant & Childcare Head Teacher, St. John; 12 years

PreK Teacher & Childcare Head Teacher, St. John; 8 years 

Why I Teach at St. John:    I love coming along side parents to support, celebrate and cheer on their journey. I am a parent, so I  know it's one of the hardest, most rewarding, and most exhausting jobs to have. I enjoy developing relationships with children and parents as we become more like family than teacher/student/parent. One of the reasons I have worked at St. John so long is because we are more than just co-workers here.  We are family and each new student becomes part of that special bond we have.

My passion is to teach preschoolers where learning and new discoveries are a daily occurrence. People ask me why I chose this field or say "I don't know how you do it". The best way to explain is by giving you a glimpse into what I get to experience every day. Watching a child step out of her comfort zone to meet a new friend, getting a hug because they missed me over the weekend, hearing a child talk to Jesus and pray for his family and friends, seeing that proud look when they write their name for the first time, their diligence as they problem solve a puzzle, their joy as they touch finger paint, the little hand I get to hold as they drift off into sleep at nap time, the beautiful sound of their laughter, singing, and chatting with friends,  hearing "Miss Beth I did it!" and cheering them on as they learn to cross the monkey bars, the look of discovery when they find that yellow and blue make green, the look of amazement when they can put sounds together to make a word, and the good bye hug with "I can't wait for tomorrow" I get at the end of my day.  This is just a little of what I get to experience every day! I wouldn't trade that for any job in the world!

Miss Dina, Classroom Assistant & Childcare Teacher

Education:  Courses in Early Childhood Education, Corban University  

Experience:  Teaching Assistant, St. John School; 5 years,  Sonshine Early Learning Center; 2 years, Kinder Haus Preschool; 4 years

Back to St. John; 4 years.

Why I Teach at St. John:  To teach is to share something you know with someone else. To help them understand something beyond their world. I love being a part of that process. To be a part of a team who share their love of learning and their love for God is really amazing! 
That is what we have here at St. John, and I feel so blessed to be back here and to, once again, be a part of this amazing team.  

Mr. Eric, Teaching Assistant


Education: Courses in Early Childhood Education, Chemeketa Community College

Experience: Site Coordinator, Salem-Keizer Education Foundation; 2 yrs. St. John; 3 years.

Why I Teach at St. John: Children are God's blessing, always filled with excitement, energy, and curiosity when I see them each day.  God has blessed me with patience, love and motivation to help children succeed, allowing me to make a positive impact on their young lives.  There's just something special about walking into a classroom full of children who are engaged in activities with each other, and seeing their minds at work every single day.  Working at St. John is a blessing that keeps giving, one that allows me not only to work with groups of children, but also enables me to learn about each child individually and build a trusting, loving relationship with each and every one of them.

Miss Kathy,  Receptionist

We have been blessed to have Miss Kathy as our receptionist for 14 years! She is the first smiling face we see when we come in the front door, and often  pops into a classroom just to "get a kid fix".  She is  certainly an important, well loved member of our St. John family!


Why I Work at St. John:  I love being the "greeter" of all who enter St. John church and school.  Meeting the school children and parents is truly a joy.  Hearing the chatter and laughter in the classrooms is the highlight of my day!
There is such unconditional love, dedication and caring from the staff that it makes me proud to be a part of the St. John family.  I feel very blessed to have been given the opportunity to work here and I look forward to many more years to come!