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Our childcare program is a true extension of our morning classes.  Because our morning teachers and assistants continue into the afternoon, there is a cohesive, natural flow from class to childcare. Consistancy throughout the day, and everyday is so important for young children.  We strive to maintain predictable daily routines with the same caregivers.


Along with necessary routines like meals and rest, we provide engaging learning centers in the afternoon, as well as plenty of free time and active play!  


Our childcare is truly an extention of our morning program.   The morning teachers and assistants continue into the afternoon, providing the consistancy that is so important for young children.  Routines of the day such as lunch and nap/rest provide the opportunity for bonding and building relationships.  There continues to be a balance of structured time and free play as well. 

Children who nap bring a small blanket, pillow, and soft toy from home. The 4's classroom is transformed into a cozy nap room with cushy covered mats, soft music playing, and of course a teacher for back rubbing.

“Resters” listen to a story or two as they rest on their mats for about ½ an hour. Then they choose a station.


Friday is MOVIE DAY! Cartoons or Veggie Tales are usually shown in the morning and a G-rated full length feature is shown in the afternoon (from approx. 3:00 to 4:30). It is always a choice to do another quiet activity if a child does not want to watch the movie. For an extra special treat, the big screen is set up in the gym on occasion!

      Childcare Schedule

7:15-8:45 Choice in classroom

11:30-11:45 Outside or in the gym


11:45-12:25 Lunch

“Nappers” or “Resters”

12:30-2:15 Nap

12:30-1:00 "Resters"

(1:00-2:00 Stations in gym )

2:00-3:00 Outside or gym

3:00-3:15 Snack

3:15-4:00 Outside or Gym

4:00-5:00 Story & Stations

5:00-5:30 Choice in Classroom

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